Circle of Enterprising Women


The Mission of The Circle of Enterprising Women is to provide support for Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay's students and programs affecting positive changes in our students’ attitudes, performance, and future outlook.


In May, 2015 Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay launched a new women's initiative which consists of a group of educational advocates who intend to affect positive changes in our students’ attitudes, performance, and future outlook. These enterprising women understand the need to transform how Junior Achievement students view the world of work, free enterprise and their own potential for success. They are committed to helping provide the resources necessary for Junior Achievement to provide their full range of programs which impart sound economic principles to youth; Kindergarten through 12th Grade.


Membership Levels – all levels will include a commitment for 2 years
Friend - I would like to contribute $ ________ per year for 2 years
Sponsor - $250 (sponsor 5 students)
Partner - $500 (sponsor 10 students)
Founder - $1,000 (sponsor a class at JA BizTown)

Calendar of Events

August 8, 2017
Annual Membership Luncheon
Centre Club, Tampa
September 22, 2017
Night on the (Biz)Town
JA BizTown
(Event Details Here!)
May, 2018 Scholarship Luncheon


Chair Katie Gatchell
Membership Director Jill Williams
Scholarship Director Dee Garcia

Circle of Enterprising Women Members

Denise Akers

Bo Brault

Leah Brown

Tracy Brown

Betty Castor

Kristy Clark

Carol Crofton

Robin DeLaVergne

Darlene Fabelo

Lauren Fernandez

Sandra Fleischman

Nicole Flores

Dee Garcia

Katie Gatchell

Bridget George

Gloria Giunta

Jill Grether

Leslie Hanley

JoAnn Hawkins

Elizabeth Johnson

Laura Lay

Sandra MacKinnon

Nicole Mossbacher

Pam Muma

Juliann Nichols

Vicki Parker

Carla Prescott

Tiffany Price

Sandy Ritchie

Anna Ryan

Jessica Rybicki

Jessica Seriano

Lisa Simington

Rebecca Smith/The A.D. Group

Karol Tanner

Sheryl Teague

Kathy Werner

Jill Williams