Our Alumni Connections and Testimonies

Distinguished Alumni:
Commissioner Victor Crist, A.D. (Sandy) MacKinnon, Commissioner Sandy Murman, Frank Sanchez, Holly Tomlin and Lisa Yob

Did JA make a difference in your life?
Is there a story you want to share about how a JA mentor helped positively influence your life or career?
Do you want to re-connect with JA and others who had “the JA experience?”

JA Alumni are a select group of leaders who have experienced our programs as students. You may have run your own student business as a member of the JA Company Program®, experienced what it was like to make financial decisions at JA Finance Park®, experienced your first day on the job at JA BizTown®, or participated in any one of JA’s other K-12 programs.

Regardless of which JA program you participated in, we invite you to join the JA USA® Alumni Society. Our goal is to bring together JA Alumni from all over the country, re-engage with you and share periodic updates about what JA is doing now.


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2020 Junior Achievement Scholarship Recipients

Joselyn Harden

St. Petersburg Collegiate High School

University of South Florida

Major: Law

Isabel Millan

Jefferson High School

University of South Florida

Major: Chemistry

Rafaela Da Silva

Steinbrenner High School

Hillsborough Community College

Major: Physical Therapy

Elizaveta Smirnova

St. Petersburg Collegiate High School

University of Florida

Major: International Business