About JA BizTown In a Box

Just like its big sister JA BizTown at the Bill Poe Family Junior Achievement Campus, JA BizTown In a Box provides educators with all the resources necessary to effectively integrate financial literacy and career readiness into their elementary school classrooms.

The JA BizTown In a Box learning experience comes neatly packaged in a box and contains EVERYTHING – lesson plans, resources, materials and all the necessary items -educators need to create an immersive role-playing learning experience for their students.

JA BizTown In a Box includes:

  • All materials, programs and simulation activities have been modified to reflect the in-classroom JA BizTown experience
  • Comprehensive and detailed task instructions for both students and teachers
  • Activities that not only emphasize design-thinking STEM activities but are retooled and modified for the in-classroom JA BizTown environment

Following participation in the JA BizTown in a Box in-classroom simulation, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the roles they play as citizens, workers and consumers in their community and relates those roles to the free enterprise system
  • Discuss the importance of citizen rights and responsibilities in a community
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the free enterprise system
  • Build money management skills through practical knowledge of economic concepts

If you would like your school to participate in this impactful experience, please have your team’s lead teacher complete the form below.

JA BizTown in a Box Registration

However, if you like more information or clarification please contact Stephanie Docsol, the Director of JA BizTown, at Stephanie.Docsol@ja.org.