National Volunteer Month – Tiffany Adams


Leto High School

Hi!  I’m Tiffany Adams a senior at Leto High School!

Thank you Bank of America for investing in the youth of our community through Junior Achievement.  You have had a presence in my life starting back in 5th grade through my participation at JA BizTown and for the past two years through the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurial Academy.

The volunteers from Bank of America gave me inspiration by sharing their personal stories of their paths to success, giving students insights to all the various jobs that are available to them and for taking high school students business ideas seriously enough to take the time to listen and give feedback to us.  By having this opportunity and “deadlines”, it helped us to focus more on the process thus increasing our understanding of how businesses operate, helping us to learn to work as a team, helping us to problem solve and think innovatively. The experience also pointed out to me that even with the best laid plans sometimes don’t work out causing you to need to pivot and persevere to overcome obstacles. It happens in business and in life!

Through the program, we had job sites visits so we could see firsthand how businesses operate.   For me I enjoyed going to Nielsen’s where I had a chance to see the various ways that company’s use technology which is something I would like to do in

Junior Achievement also gave me an opportunity to do mock interviews with Publix which resulted in me getting a job there.  So I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Junior Achievement volunteers who gave me this opportunity.  You have made a difference in my life as well as many others by providing us with real life experiences that help us shape our professional and personal futures.