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Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay offers three transformative learning experiences: JA BizTown presented by Pam & Les Muma, JA Finance Park presented by Truist, and 3DE by Junior Achievement, each designed to inspire, prepare, and ensure student success. In JA BizTown, students step into the shoes of adults, running a miniaturized city with diverse businesses, fostering financial literacy, and critical thinking. JA Finance Park empowers students with real-life financial scenarios, guiding them through budgeting, investing, and making informed choices for their future. With 3DE by Junior Achievement, students engage in immersive education models, experiencing boundless possibilities as they connect classroom knowledge to real-world challenges, sparking curiosity and igniting ambition. These invaluable programs have a profound impact on students, equipping them with practical skills, confidence, and a sense of purpose to excel in their personal and professional lives.

JA BizTown

JA BizTown Presented by Pam & Les Muma

Connecting the dots between what kids learn in school and how it’s applied in the real world isn’t that simple. That’s where JA BizTown comes in!

JA Finance Park

JA Finance Park presented by Truist

An immersive simulation that enables them to develop skills to successfully navigate today’s complex economic environment and discover how decisions today can impact tomorrow.


3DE by Junior Achievement

Re-engineering public high school education to be more relevant, experiential, and authentically-connected to the complexities of the real world.