JA ACE – Academy for Collaborative Entrepreneurship – delivering entrepreneurship and innovation education to students across Tampa Bay!

JA ACE partners with Embarc Collective to cultivate a pipeline of future entrepreneurs


JA ACE will deliver entrepreneurship and its opportunities to nearly 1,000 young people annually, educating and inspiring young people to embrace entrepreneurial thinking, to drive innovation and strengthen our global economy. Entrepreneurs drive America’s economy, accounting for the majority of our nation’s net new jobs and innovations. To ensure our region remains competitive and vibrant, Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay continues to invest in cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

JA ACE will be located at Embarc Collective, which is a new physical innovation hub in downtown Tampa. Embarc Collective will make Tampa Bay a prime destination for diverse entrepreneurial talent make an impact professionally and personally. JA ACE will support their goal in creating opportunities that will attract our young people to stay in Tampa Bay for their careers inside of startups and innovative larger corporations.

JA ACE will provide ongoing entrepreneurship and business planning, encouragement and consultation to secondary students. The program participants will unlock their innate ability to solve a problem, or fill a need in their community utilizing an entrepreneurial spirit. Students will gain skills, which include accountability, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, decision-making, idea development, leadership, product evaluation, self-assessment, evaluating information and teamwork.

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JA ACE Project Innovate

JA ACE Project Innovate

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