JA BizTown Curriculum

Prior to visiting JA BizTown, students engage in a comprehensive classroom curriculum that teaches them how an economy works, citizen rights and responsibilities, how to get a job, how to operate a successful business, and how to manage a personal bank account. They will also fill out a job application, interview for their position, and elect a mayor.

The curriculum emphasizes the importance of ethical business practices, teamwork and making sound business decisions. Throughout the program, students also begin to recognize that career and job choices are related to personal interest, skills, knowledge and education.

There are 13 required project-based lessons that align with Common Core and Florida State Standards. They can be adapted to any subject taught within the classroom, and incorporate activities within the lessons that focus on critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and include options to utilize technology within the classroom.

In addition to the lessons, preparations will also need to be made for the visit day at JA BizTown. The students will meet with their business groups in the classroom to calculate their business costs and loan amount, create advertisements for the newspaper, radio, and TV Station, as well as fill out deposit tickets, a savings check, and checkbook register for their personal bank accounts.