Where can middle school students be engaged in the real-life experience of creating and maintaining a personal budget? Where would they be asked to create a lifestyle budget that factors in health care, housing, transportation, home improvement, banking and loans, groceries, stocks, and utilities?

This will all happen at JA Finance Park where students study the concept of personal financial managements in the classroom and then apply them in a life-like business environment.

JA Finance Park is a learning experience that teaches students financial literacy, career exploration, and money management skills in a student size town built just for them. Our partner educators (you!) deliver 13 lessons in the classroom before their students visit JA Finance Park. Teachers can choose from traditional lessons or implement a project based learning curriculum, both of which are correlated to Common Core and Florida State standards and designed to be easily integrated into your class curriculum. Lessons are easy to use and can be taught straight from the provided educator’s kit. We train all teachers on the curriculum and provide the teaching materials during a one-time training.

Once the students receive the curriculum in their classrooms, students visit JA Finance Park at the Bill Poe Family JA Center for an on-site simulation. Each student receives a life and job scenario and corresponding salary.  Based on this information, they will identify lifestyle goals, visit businesses to learn about their budget categories, create a budget, make purchasing decisions, and pay for their expenses without overspending. By the end of the day students have gained an understanding of the educational and financial decisions that help shape their future.

If you would like more information in regards to how your school can be a part of this impactful experience, please contact:

Angelica Tobar
Manager, JA Finance Park
813-631-1410 ext 226

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