The New JA Finance Park Virtual Simulation

Financial planning, personal budgets, and career exploration has no limitations with the NEW JA Finance Park Virtual Simulation 2.0! From the classroom, or the safety of at-home learning, students can receive these essential life skill lessons wherever they are.

JA Finance Park helps students build a foundation upon which they can make intelligent financial decisions that last a lifetime, including decisions related to income, expenses, savings, and credit. Options are available to use either the entry level (geared toward middle school) or advanced (geared toward high school) curriculum. A new offering this year pairs with the entry level curriculum: we now have a completely self-guided version of the lessons, and students can complete them on their own time, with little guidance from educators. The advanced curriculum is a blend of virtual lessons and in-class teacher taught lessons.

The JA Finance Park curriculum (both entry level and advanced) wraps up with a hands-on, completely virtual simulation that is supported by volunteers and educators. This new Virtual 2.0 simulation has been fully redeveloped, with a brand-new experiences and an updated look and feel. In the entry level simulation, students assume randomly assigned family and income scenarios and will gather information to make informed financial decisions. They utilize banking services, purchase housing, transportation, insurance, furnishings, health care, and other expenses, as well as make investment decisions. The advanced simulation for high school students will take a deeper dive, and allow them to make decisions on what they want their simulated future to look like. It will take them through numerous life stages, to experience what it is like to budget as a teenager compared to a retired adult. This hands-on experience lays a solid foundation for students’ future decision-making.

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