Volunteer with us at JA Finance Park!

Volunteers like you make a big difference in the lives of our JA Finance Park students.  You can make an impact by spending your time with them and sharing your own stories and experiences.

For more information on volunteering at JA Finance Park, please contact:

Deviney Haley | 813.631.1410 ext 245 | deviney.haley@ja.org

JA Finance Park Volunteers

Each simulation day requires between 15-20 volunteers to assist in the visit.

We cannot run the JA Finance Park simulation without volunteers to supervise and assist the students, and by volunteering, you are making it possible for our schools to participate in the program!

As a volunteer, you will be assigned to one of the storefronts in JA Finance Park, where you will provide information about different budget items, assist the students in balancing their budget, and help them to stay on task and focus on their personal goals.

JA Finance Park volunteers do not need to have specific expertise and are encouraged to share real-world experience/advice to the students as they learn what it means to be a working professional.

The total time commitment is 5 hours, which includes a 1 hr training the morning of before the students arrive, where you will receive training on how to facilitate the students’ learning. We will go over what to expect and how to make the day successful for you as well as the students. During the day, you will receive a volunteer binder, with helpful checklists, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips.

If you are interested in volunteering with one of our schools for a day, or would like to volunteer on an “on-call” basis, please contact:

Jon Epps
VP Corporate Partnerships