Board of Directors

The Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay board is composed of local community leaders with a strong and balanced blend of skills and experience, providing guidance and support to Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay’s staff and volunteers as we strive to uphold our mission.

The board of directors exercises overall responsibility for the policies, programs, and direction of Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay, while also providing advice and counsel on a broad range of operation protocols.

The diversity of the board is chosen to reflect a multitude of expertise offerings. All members have a strong and demonstrated commitment to our three pillars: work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy

  • Adam Hertz

    Adam Hertz

  • Alex Lewis IV

    Alex Lewis IV

  • Alex Sink

    Alex Sink

  • Allen Brinkman

    Allen Brinkman

  • Allison Casper Adams

    Allison Casper Adams

  • Ashby Green

    Ashby Green

  • Bill Jacobs

    Bill Jacobs

  • Bill Poe, Jr.

    Bill Poe, Jr.

  • Brent Boydston

  • Brian Adamski

    Brian Adamski

    Connections Board Representative

  • Brian Best

    Brian Best

  • Carl Czarnik

    Carl Czarnik

  • Charles Sykes

    Charles Sykes

  • Craig Cuffe

    Craig Cuffe

    Vice Chair – Resource Generation

  • Dan Howat

    Dan Howat

  • David Hull

  • David Wilbanks

    David Wilbanks

    Trustees Co-chair

  • Dr. Judy Genshaft

    Dr. Judy Genshaft

    Past Board Chair

  • Dr. Mike Grego

    Dr. Mike Grego

  • Dr. Moez Limayem

    Dr. Moez Limayem

    Vice Chair – Program Impact

  • Ellen Stavros

    Ellen Stavros

  • Gloria Giunta

    Gloria Giunta

  • Gregory A. Rosica

    Gregory A. Rosica

  • Jack Rybicki

    Jack Rybicki


  • James Granese

    James Granese

  • James O. Lang

  • Jarrod Dillon

    Jarrod Dillon

  • Jason Welz

  • Jeff Eakins

    Jeff Eakins

  • Jeffrey Fishman

    Jeffrey Fishman

  • Joe DeLuca

    Joe DeLuca

  • Joe Teague

    Joe Teague

    Past Board Chair

  • John Tomlin

    John A. Tomlin

    Past Board Chair

  • John Warcop

    John Warcop

  • Joseph Cannella

    Joseph Cannella

    Chair – Audit Committee

  • Kirk Klein

    Kirk Klein

    Chair – Alachua County

  • Laura Lay

    Laura Lay

    Vice Chair – JA Bowl-a- thon

  • Lisa Faller

    Lisa Faller

  • Matt DiGennaro

    Matt DiGennaro

  • Michael Attinella

    Michael Attinella

  • Michael Dufrene

    Michael Dufrene

  • Michael P. Quackenbush, Jr.

    Michael P. Quackenbush, Jr.

  • Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson

    Chair – Invitational

  • Nelson Castellano

    Nelson Castellano

  • Pablo Brizi

    Pablo Brizi

  • Pamela Muma

    Pam Muma

    Past Board Chair

  • Patrick O'Connor

    Patrick O’Connor


  • Phil Malcolm

    Phil Malcolm

  • Robert Mossbacher

    Robert Mossbacher

    Board Chair

  • Sandra Murman

    Sandra Murman

  • Scott Price

    Scott Price

  • Stephie Holmquist-Johnson

    Stephie Holmquist-Johnson

  • Steve Salzer

    Steve Salzer

  • Steve Schultz

    Steve Schultz

  • Suzanne Diaz


  • Tim Schar

  • Tyler Cathey

    Tyler Cathey

Our Trustees

The “JA Trustees” is an advisory committee who advocates for Junior Achievement Tampa Bay through giving, awareness and support through events and programs. This group is comprised of former board members and passionate volunteers and partners, who remain connected to JA Tampa Bay.

  • Betsy Bennett

  • Brian Cone

  • David Wilbanks

    Trustees Co-chair

  • Denise Palmer

  • Dennis Sheaffer

  • Elizabeth Frazier

  • Emily Duty

  • Fred Zielinski

  • Irene Guy

  • Jose Pena

  • Kathy Werner

  • Lisa Yob

  • Mandy Shaw

  • Mark Fernandez

  • Marlene Spalten

  • Pete Peterson

  • Robin Lester

  • Ronnie Duncan

  • Sam Nein

  • Tim Bogott

  • William Cammarata

  • William G. Tapp

    Trustees Co-chair

  • William Protz

  • Yvette Segura


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